I found this marrow on the floor & it is as big as a child. I’ve made three main meals out of it & still have about 80% left. Help!! P.s I like donuts #stuffifoundonthestreet

Second hand shop treasures! Excellent props for one of our 1940 themed events.

Anonymous said: I would love to fill your ass with semen, ever had cum drip from your butthole?

you clearly haven’t read my bvog…


I touched the butt

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Anyone who sits like this is a selfish asshole.

I’m Coby’s agent, which means I pick up stuff and tell her to do her cartoon heads all over it. Today I found this sexy lady beaver. Prop shop buying is the one! #forestofpleasure #lowmaintenence

Holiday done. First day of my new job at Apocalypse Events - amazing! Personal highlights of the day were ordering 20 body bags & trying to locate dentures & cuddling a 6 month old baby. Coolest people, coolest place. #verylucky